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Commercial cleaning services

A lot depends on the environment in the premises: staff efficiency, public image, and overall revenue. Therefore, office cleaning takes a substantial part in terms of business costs. The presence of a staff member is too costly; it is better to entrust their duties to professionals. Housekeeping on the Beach provides commercial cleaning services, ensuring high quality and a favorable cost. With our help, your company's premises will be sparkly clean and tidy. It will cause respect in business partners and take your business to the next level.


Qualified professionals will quickly and efficiently do office cleaning. We use only special-purpose tools and eco-friendly cleaning agents. You can order both a full complex of business cleaning services and individual commercial services.





Housekeeping on the Beach guarantees a tailored approach to each customer. Business services provided by cleaning companies are relevant for companies with any commercial premises. Office cleaning performed by our experts is convenient, fast, and beneficial.


Housekeeping on the Beach located in St. Petersburg, Florida, is the leader among the competition. We rightly enjoy a reputation of a reliable long-term partner. All our business services are notable for favorable prices and high quality. We perform all services, from washing windows and floors to taking care of the facade of a building.





Our business services include :

  • wetcleaning of the flooring
  • vacuuming carpets
  • cleaning baseboards
  • dusting all the surfaces
  • polishing of glass and mirror surfaces
  • cleaning and disinfection of bathrooms
  • taking out garbage

A skilled approach to office cleaning is ensured by a number of specialists. Our employees responsibly perform business services and pay attention to all the tasks set by a customer. Order the commercial service you need and see for yourself! We will make your office perfectly clean and amazingly cozy.


Testimonials about Commercial Cleaning

  • Connor

    Ordered commercial cleaning for office space 170 m2 with vacuuming carpets. Office with very high ceilings and non-standart windows. Guys did everything perfectly. Office equipment and windows are shiny, carpets look like new. We are recommending this cleaning service.

  • Evan

    We have a pretty big office, and my boss thought that it would be very difficult to clean all of it perfectly, but workers from commercial cleaning service did it very quick and efficiently . Just wanted to say thank u. Our company become your regular customer.

  • Nicole

    Last week we ordered commercial cleaning for our office. Wanna say that cleaning was made properly, completed all the items included in this service, and what we did not expected, guys took out the trash. Thank u for excellent work!

  • Alex

    My boss asked me to order cleaning service to our office for polishing all glass and mirrors. After searching in the internet, i choose commercial cleaning and it was the right choice. All glass is pure and look like new. Well done for a very resonable price. What to advice all offices to use this service.

  • Diego

    Want to express a gratitude from all workers in our office for perfect cleaning our working space. Guys did everything quickly, smoothly and what the most important – on the highest quality. We are very gratefull for result – the purity and freshness is in every corner of our office. Thank you, commercial cleaning service!

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