Clients' testimonials


#5 Denise 2016-10-10 13:02
We have had our condo for 5 years and went crazy looking for a good cleaning crew. Housekeeping on the beach was recommended and from the first phone call I knew we were dealing with smart hard working and organized professionals. They are always on time and do not bother us unless it is absolutely necessary. What a relief for us to know someone we trust is taking such good care of our condo. Having towels supplied has eliminated replacement and loss less worry! I made the mistake of double booking a renter. I would have missed this huge mistake but they caught it and got it straightened out for us! We were blessed when we connected with them!
#4 Terry 2016-10-10 13:01
I left her to her business and told her to close the door behind her when she was finished (it automatically locks). After a long day, I got home at about 11 pm and found my apartment smelling and looking awesome! The floors were shining, the counters were sparkling, and the bathroom (especially my shower) was looking better than they have since moving in! The cleaning was very thorough, especially the dusting which was desperately needed. I compared what she did to their online scoreboard, and she really hit every point!
#3 Nancy & Steve 2016-08-31 21:13
We own a vacation rental that has been cleaned by Housekeeping on the Beach for over a year and a half. We cannot say enough about the great service that has been provided. We live out of state and we do not have to worry, as they are very dependable, organized and professional. They pride themselves with a great work ethic. We often receive complements from our guest about the cleanliness of our condo. They are also very trust worthy. Once, one of our guests left $500 cash in our condo and when it was found by the cleaning staff, they immediately contacted us. We were then able to contact the guests and let them know, before they even realized what they had done. This says a lot to our guests and also to us! If the cleaning staff would not have been honest, it could have reflected badly on them as w ell as on us. We can highly recommend Housekeeping on the Beach!
#2 Geri and David 2016-08-31 21:12
We enthusiastically recommend Housekeeping On The Beach. This company have worked for us when we were renting almost eight years ago. They have been working for us the last two years, every two weeks, in our permanent condo home. We have recommended them to our best friends in the building to their satisfaction. They are wonderful, hard working people, honest and reliable. They are total professionals and have never done a job that was less than perfect. It is a joy to return home after they have cleaned. They are the best > 5 stars out of 5.
#1 Nadia and Mike 2016-08-31 20:48
Housekeeping On The Beach have been cleaning our vacation condo rental for a few years now and they are AMAZING! They are always going above and beyond and I am always having compliments by renters of how clean the condo is and how pristine white our towels are too! They are very professional and I would recommend them to anyone.

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