Maid services

A modern maid should not only be able to clean the premises, but also have the appropriate skills and abilities to perform it qualitatively, timely and as thoroughly as possible.
Services which our maids offer:
• «Bathroom cleaning»;
• «Dusting»;
• «Vacuuming»;
• «Microwave cleaning»;
• «Ceramic tile cleaning»;
• «Making beds»;
• «Glass cleaning»;
• «Fridge cleaning»;
• «Kitchen cleaning»;
• «Floor cleaning»;
• «Stove cleaning».
A maid will quickly perform all the necessary work, using modern special equipment. The price for doing such work may vary depending on the complexity of the cleaning. However, the quality of the work performed will always be at a high level, since all relevant personnel are trained and able to cope with different tasks.
The price of maid service also depends on the field of operations performed.
• area of the room to be cleaned;
• the number of working days for a maid per week;
• The range of services is large enough, so you can select all the required items for yourself.
A Maid of our company will not only tidy up in every room or office, but also perform many other functions. In order to do this, it is sufficient to clarify all requirements before ordering the service, after that a professional, who is able to cope with everything, will be sent to you. Our agency offers services offers services which are used by customers from a lot of cities - Tampa Bay, Clearwater, Largo, Seminole, St.Petersburg etc.
Any our maid is highly professional, punctual, tolerant, willing to perform the most complex kinds of work. It does not matter what will be in this case in your house, because all the work is done carefully, nothing will be damaged. Prices of services will remain affordable and beneficial for you, even if the cleaning is complex and multilevel.